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Beauty injections for the facial area

Beauty injectables are a quick and convenient way to instantly improve facial skin and contours.

It is possible with beauty injections:

  • Smooth away wrinkles around the eyes, lips, corners of the mouth and nose.
  • To volumize lips and highlight contours.
  • To restore facial contours.
  • For lifting, shaping and shaping the reins.
  • Intensive skin moisturising, improves skin tonus.

As the field is broad and there are many different options, we recommend you come for an initial consultation where, with the help of a specialist, we can identify the most suitable solution for you.

Below you can read more about the types of fillings available in our clinic.

Fillers for the facial area

Juvéderm is a range of facial fillers that gently and naturally removes the signs of ageing or imperceptibly enhances what nature has given you. The fillers contain a hyaluronic acid gel, which increases the skin’s moisture content and fills and smoothes the skin from the inside. The Juvéderm range includes specially formulated products for every facial area and age.

Juvéderm Volbella is suitable for smoothing out wrinkles on various facial areas:

  • “evil” (between the eyebrows) wrinkles and horizontal wrinkles on the forehead
  • “chicken scars” around the eyes
  • open eyes
  • wrinkles around the nose and mouth
  • wrinkles around the chin

Juvéderm Ultra 2, Juvéderm Ultra 3 and Juvéderm Ultra 4 are suitable for filling fine superficial wrinkles to medium and deep furrows and wrinkles.

Juvéderm Voliftis used to reduce nasolabial folds and to plump the lips and eyebrows.

Juvéderm Smileis used to add volume to the lips and to give the lips shape and a clear contour.

Juvéderm Voluma is particularly suitable for enhancing the volume and desirable shape of the cheeks, jowls, chin, jawline as well as the senses.

Make-up is removed prior to the procedure, and if desired, a skin soother is used before the injection. The injection procedure lasts 20-40 minutes and the primary result is immediately visible. Fillers generally do not interfere with the rhythm of life, and you can go to work immediately after the procedure. Some patients may experience mild swelling, redness or soreness at the injection site, which will pass within a few days. Facial massage should not be performed for 12 hours after the procedure. For 2-3 days after the procedure, you should refrain from using decorative cosmetics, swimming, intense exercise and prolonged exposure to very cold, hot or sunny weather.

The final outcome of the procedure will take a week. The effects last 6-12 (24) months, depending on the product used, skin type and area.

More information can be found here: http://www.juvederm.co.uk

Alternatively, we use the Belotero range (Belotero Soft, Belotero Balance, Belotero Intense, Belotero Volume) and Luminera Crystalis products.

The procedures are performed by a plastic and reconstructive surgeon and nurse Marina Sats.


Biorevitalisation is a common and safe method to restore and maintain skin elasticity and tone. The procedure is suitable for restoring the moisture balance of skin damaged by dry air or the sun, revitalising a tired and lifeless complexion, softening wrinkles around the eyes and lips, the décolleté, hands, elbows or knees. The products used for biorevitalisation (Juvéderm Hydrate, Belotero Hydro) contain hyaluronic acid, which is native to the skin.

One course of bio revitalisation usually consists of 3-4 treatments, but the results are noticeable after the first treatment. For best results, it is recommended to undergo a course of 3 treatments at 3-week intervals on the first occasion. In this way, the skin will stay sufficiently hydrated for up to 3 months, so the treatments can be repeated every 3 months thereafter. If you are planning a sun trip, we recommend 2 treatments before and 2 after the trip.

Biorevitalisation injections are practically painless. After the procedure, tiny papules may remain on the skin, which will disappear in two to three days. The final result of the procedure usually takes a week to form.

After the procedure, you should refrain from applying make-up (24 hours) and from going to the sauna, tanning bed or solarium (3 days).

The procedures are carried out by nurse Marina Sats.

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