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Allergist-immunologist appointment

Consultations in allergology are provided by pediatrician and pediatric allergist-pulmonologist Dr. Urve Putnik and allergist-immunologist Dr. Tiia-Linda Okas.

Pediatrician and pediatric allergist-pulmonologist Dr. Urve Putnik welcomes children to her appointments who have suspected allergies, including food allergies, allergic rhinitis, pollen allergy, skin allergies (urticaria, atopic dermatitis), and frequent respiratory diseases.

Allergist-immunologist Dr. Tiia-Linda Okas and allergist Dr. Maria Mikkal welcome adults and children with allergies or suspected allergies to their appointments. The focus includes chronic rhinitis and/or nasal congestion, watery and/or itchy eyes, itchy skin rashes, and complaints related to food. Those suffering from urticaria, or individuals struggling with frequent infections and suspecting immune system deficiencies, are also welcome to the appointments.

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