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Price list

Treatment procedures
Surgical removal of a mole or skin growth250€
Surgical removal of a malignant tumor300
Surgical removal of a mole or benign tumor in the head or neck area300€
Surgical removal of a malignant tumor in the head or neck area with plastic surgery400
Surgical removal of subcutaneous tissue tumor (lipoma, sebaceous cyst)400€
Surgical minor procedure (removal of keratoses, papillomas, mollusks, and other skin formations. Price depends on the number of lesions)starting from 50€
Surgical biopsy for cell examination85€
Cryotherapy (for adults)45€
Medical pedicure55€
Treatment and correction of ingrown nails45€
Express consultation for diagnosis and treatment of nail fungus (visit with a foot specialist, nail and blood sampling, prescription issuance)90€
Laser treatment for hemangioma (up to 1 cm2)75€
Laser treatment for hemangioma (larger than 1 cm2) starting from 75€
Laser treatment for capillaries (up to 1 cm2 or larger)starating from 35€
Laser treatment for capillaries on the nose95€
Laser treatment for capillaries on the cheeks175€
Photodynamic (light) therapy with ALA for keratosis or skin cancer treatment (1 procedure)280€
Photodynamic (light) therapy for acne (10 procedures)250€
Photodynamic (light) therapy for rosacea (10 procedures)250€

Kui raviprotseduur viiakse läbi üldanesteesias, lisandub protseduuri hinnale üldanesteesia hind 200€ 30 minuti kohta (hind sisaldab üldanesteesia järgset jälgimist nn ärkamisruumis). Üldanesteesias raviprotseduurid toimuvad Kotka Erahaiglas.

Laboratory diagnostics
SARS-CoV-2 test (results within 24 hours)60€
SARS-CoV-2 rapid test (results same day)95€
Histological examination of tissue sample100€
Histological examination of dermatoses100€
Immunohistochemical examination of tissue sample90€
Allergy tests (1 allergen)8€
Initiation of allergen-specific immunotherapy150€
Follow-up visit for immunotherapy 95€
Patch tests150€
Sexually transmitted diseases diagnostics 4-panel (C. trachomatis, N. gonorrhoeae, M. genitalium, T. vaginalis, C. trachomatis LGV)80€
Expanded panel for sexually transmitted diseases diagnostics (C. trachomatis, N. gonorrhoeae, M. genitalium, T. vaginalis, C. trachomatis LGV, U. parvum, U. urealyticum, M. hominis)125€
Papillomavirus diagnostics55€
Herpesvirus (HSV) diagnostics55€
Microbiological examinations85€
DERMATOPHYTES PANEL (diagnostics of fungal infections)75€
Medical advice / consultation
Dermatoscopy (full body skin examination) with specialist consultation 100€
Comparative dermatoscopy (full body skin examination) with specialist follow-up (within 6 months, 1-3 moles)75€
Dermatologist consultation100€
Allergist consultation110€
Dermatologist and allergist follow-up consultation (within 3 months)75€
Rapid examination of 1-3 birthmarks or suspicious skin formations70€
Cosmetologist consultation20€
Nurse consultation (stitch removal, bandaging)
(NB: Dermatoscopy and skin examination are performed only by doctors)
Prescription issuance for repeat patient25€
Application for reimbursement of exceptional medicines30€
Completion of insurance forms15€
Beauty procedures
AnteAge microneedling300€
CACi non-surgical facelift 1 session60€
CACi non-surgical facelift 10-session course550€
Juvederm fillers, depending on the area starting from300€
Teoxane Teosyal RHA KISS fillers250€
Teoxane Teosyal RHA 2 fillers300€
Teoxane Teosyal RHA 3 fillers350€
Teoxane Teosyal Volume fillers400€
Luminera Crystalis fillers425€
Biorevitalization injections with Juvederm Hydrate or Teoxane Teosyal Redensity 1, 1 ml160€
Biorevitalization injections with Juvederm Hydrate or Teoxane Teosyal Redensity 1, 2×1 ml (with 1-month intervals)280€
Biorevitalization injections with Juvederm Hydrate or Teoxane Teosyal Redensity 1, 3×1 ml (with 1-month intervals)380€
Biorevitalization injections with Juvederm Hydrate or Teoxane Teosyal Redensity 1, 4×1 ml (with 1-month intervals)420€
Deep moisturizing injections with Volite, 1 ml350€
Anti-perspiration botulinum injections for underarms395€
LED Photorejuvenation Dermalux, 1 session30€
LED Photorejuvenation Dermalux, 10 sessions250€
Botulinum toxin injections – horizontal forehead lines175€
Botulinum toxin injections – frown lines175€
Botulinum toxin injections – around the eyes (crow’s feet)175€
Botulinum toxin injections – frown lines and horizontal forehead lines295€
Botulinum toxin injections – frown lines and around the eyes (crow’s feet)295€
Botulinum toxin injections – frown lines, horizontal forehead lines, and around the eyes350€
Mesobotox 1 session200€
Mesobotox 2 sessions350€
Mesobotox 3 sessions525€
Plastic surgery
Upper eyelid plastic surgery1250€
Lower eyelid plastic surgery1400€
Upper and lower eyelid plastic surgery2450€
Earlobe plastic surgery, one ear800€
Scar plastic surgerystarting from 450€
Cosmetic services
Skinbreeze device maintenance75€
Chemical peel80€
Chemical peel face, neck, cleavage85€
Chemical peel 6 sessions420€
Chemical peel + LED light therapy100€
RHEA firming, revitalizing oxygen treatment75€
RHEA firming, revitalizing oxygen treatment with facial massage85€
Skin tone evening facial treatment80€
Deep cleansing and moisturising facial treatment80€
Intensive care for the eye area45€
Anti-aging firming facial treatment80€
Firming treatment with facial massage85€
Relaxing facial massage with mask for 50 minutes75€
Refreshing facial treatment80€
Summer facial treatment60€
KURKUM light therapy65€
RENOPHASE first treatment80€
Facial treatment for men75€
PEPPLUS peptide facial treatment65€
Youth facial skincare (up to 20 years old)60€
Retinol facial and neck treatment90€
Back cleansing treatment75€
Eyelash tinting8€
Eyebrow shaping8€
Eyebrow tinting8€
Express makeup15€
Day makeup30€
Evening makeup35€
Double ear piercing50€
Single ear piercing40€
Laser hair removal
1 procedure5 procedures
Arms up to elbows125€500€
Full arms175€700€
Lower legs130€520€
Full legs250€1000€
Bikini line (along the underwear line)65€260€
Deep bikini (intimate area)100€400€
Full bikini (intimate area, inner thigh, abdomen)125€500€
Abdominal line55€220€
Upper lip, chin, nose, or ears area40€160€
Initial Brazilian bikini40€
Brazilian bikini30€
Bikini line20€
Facial depilation10€
Underarm depilation20€
Leg depilation30€
Lower leg depilation20€
Arm depilation25€
Chest depilation20€
Back depilation25€
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