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Tanning devices

In 2009, the World Health Organization (WHO) classified sunbeds carcinogenic (Group 1), which means that the link between the use of sunbeds and cancer has been scientifically proven. For example, tobacco belongs into the same group. WHO also recommends forbidding the use of sunbeds by minors.

Sunbeds use mostly UVA-lamps whose radiation penetrates the skin deeper because of longer wavelength, causing DNA damage in the skin, oxidative stress and photoaging. The dose of UVA-radiation emitted by a sunbed in one time unit is up to 15 times higher than the dose from exposure to sunlight. Research data shows that sunbed users have a 74% higher likelihood to get melanoma than people who avoid them. In addition, the risk to get basal-cell carcinoma is 1.5 times higher and squamous cell carcinoma 2.5 times higher.

The United Kingdom, Germany, France and many states of the USA have followed the WHO recommendation to forbid the use of sunbeds for cosmetic purpose for minors. Dr. Niin’s Skin Clinic made the same proposal to the Health Board and the Ministry of Social Affairs in 2012.