Full body skin scan

Whole-body skin examinations are performed by doctors or nurses to look for changes in the skin that are atypical or suspicious. A survey is needed in particular if:

  • Moles that grow and change on your skin;
  • Your skin is covered in moles and pigmentation;
  • Your close relatives have a history of melanoma or other skin cancer.

Systematic skin screening is also recommended for people who have used or continue to use sunbeds, as well as for those who go on “sun trips” (receive high doses of UV radiation).

In the case of suspicious nodules found on skin examination, the patient will be advised on the best method of diagnosis and treatment. Depending on the findings of the skin test, the patient’s skin type, the number and type of moles, the presence of sun damage, heredity and other factors, the doctor will advise on how often the skin test should be repeated. Doctors will also advise you on how and how often to monitor your own skin.

Whole-body skin scanning or dermatoscopy is a digital and manual epiluminescence microscopy for the diagnosis of skin changes, with the possibility of digital image recording. Dermatoscopy is used worldwide to increase the diagnostic accuracy of melanoma and skin cancer and to differentiate between benign and malignant skin tumours quickly and without invasive procedures. Dermatoscopy allows systematic mapping and dynamic monitoring of skin changes over the whole body.

All of our doctors are specially trained in dermatoscopy, and several are members of the International Dermoscopy Society, which offers teledermoscopic consultation with other leading specialists worldwide for more complex problems. We have the most experience in this field in Estonia, having performed more than 10 000 full-body skin examinations and providing more than 1000 e-consultations per year through Dermtest. If the dermatoscopy is carried out by a doctor, you will be informed of the result of the examination during the appointment, with advice on further treatment if necessary. If the survey is carried out by a nurse, we will give you a response within 48 hours. Based on our experience, we have diagnosed more than 1200 cases of early (fully curable) skin cancer during the 6 years of operation of the Niine Skin Clinic.

We perform dermatoscopy with the DermLite Photo System. For more information on this see

Skin examinations are carried out by dermato-oncologist Dr Marianne Niin, dermato-venereologists Dr Kreete Põder,
Dr. Margit Allik
Dr Kai Saluvere
and Dr Ulvi Loite and oncologist
Dr Elen Vettus

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