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Full body examination (dermoscopy)

Full body skin examinations are performed by physicians or nurses with the aim of searching for atypical or suspicious changes on the skin. An examination is necessary primarily if:

  • you have growing and changing moles on your skin;
  • you have a lot of moles and pigment spots on your skin;
  • your close relatives have had melanoma or some other type of skin cancer.

Systematic skin examination is also advisable to people who have used or continue to use tanning devices as well as to people who go on beach holidays (exposure to high doses of UV-light).

If, as a result of a skin examination, suspicious skin lesions are found, the patient will be given advice on the best specific diagnostic method and treatment options. On the basis of the findings of the skin examination, the patient’s skin type, the quantity and type of moles, signs of sun damage, heredity and other factors, the physician will advise the patient how often the skin examination should be repeated. The physicians also advise how and how often the patient should perform self-examination of their skin.

A full body skin examination or dermoscopy is digital and manual epiluminescence microscopy with a digital image recording option for diagnosing changes of the skin. Dermoscopy is used globally to improve diagnostic accuracy of melanoma and skin cancer and differentiate benign and malignant skin tumours quickly and without invasive procedures. Dermoscopy enables systematic mapping and dynamic monitoring of skin changes all over the body.

All our physicians have undergone special dermoscopy training and several of our physicians are members of the International Dermoscopy Society and can hold dermoscopic teleconsultations with other leading specialists in the world to find solutions for dealing with more complicated cases. Our clinic is the most experienced in this field in Estonia because we perform more than 10,000 full body skin examinations and have more than 1,000 e-consultations via Dermtest annually. If dermoscopy is performed by a nurse (in or outside the clinic), we notify the patient of the results within 24 hours.

We perform dermoscopy with DermLite Foto System device. For more information about the device, please visit https://dermlite.com/.

Skin examinations are performed by Dermato-oncologist Dr. Marianne Niin, Dermatovenereologists Dr. Kreete Põder, Dr. Margit Allik, Dr. Kai Saluvere and Dr. Ulvi Loite, Oncology Resident Dr. Elen Vettus, Dermatovenereology Resident Dr. Bret Kaldvee and dermoscopy nurse Julianna Šeleg.