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Services by a cosmetician

The selection of services provided by a cosmetician for aesthetic purposes and additional treatment of skin disorders – cleansing and moisturising skincare treatments, chemical peels (with or without photorejuvenation), and microneedling procedures:

  • Sesderma skin moisturising and nourishing procedure is based on the combined effect of vitamins and antioxidants. The procedure suits all skin types, including sensitive skin. An ideal procedure to refresh the skin before important events and at the change of seasons.
  • Sesderma cleansing procedure for the young is primarily used to support and improve the results of acne treatment (local medications or tablets) without chemical peeling of the skin. The procedure includes mechanical cleansing of the skin and application of preparations that have an antiseptic and calming effect.
  • Sesderma retinol procedure. Retinol or vitamin A regulates keratinization of the skin and reduces its dryness. Retinol procedure is developed for intensive moisturising and smoothing of the skin; it is recommended as a preparatory procedure for subsequent chemical peels.
  • Sesderma Ferulac Peels Booster System – anti-aging procedure. This chemical peel is based on ferulac acid. Ferulac acid is an antioxidant with a strong effect that strengthens and tightens the skin, reducing wrinkle lines as well as pigment spots.
  • Sesderma Melaspeel R + SPA lightening – antihyperpigmentation procedure. A combined chemical peel which contains various organic acids and retinol that effectively even out the skin complexion. The procedure reduces existing pigment spots and prevents development of new ones.
  • Sesderma Azelac System Peel procedure for oily and unclear skin. An azelaic acid based chemical peel which cleans the skin and regulates sebum production, alleviates inflammation and redness of the skin and reduces development of pimples, comedones and acne signs. The procedure also helps to treat rosacea signs and seborrhoeic skin inflammation.
  • Sesderma combined strong treatment for prepared skin. A combined strong chemical peel with various organic acids, retinoids and additives. The procedure significantly reduces signs of aging and rejuvenates the skin by tightening, smoothing and evening out the skin complexion. A strong chemical peel may cause scaling of the skin and the skin always requires special care before and after the procedure!
  • Mediderma Nanopore microneedling procedure. The Mediderma Nanopore microneedling device is an electrical device of the newest generation which ensures a safe and painless microneedling procedure. The procedure involves a gentle chemical peel, microneedling therapy and application of mesotherapy serums containing growth factors. A gentle chemical peel prepares the skin for the procedure. Microneedling means that micro-channels are made into the superficial layer of the skin with fine needles which activate the synthesis of collagen and elastin to increase the tonicity and elasticity of the skin. Serums containing natural growth factors support the rejuvenation process of the skin. The microneedling procedure is also used in scar treatment.
  • Mediderma Nanopore microneedling procedure with hyaluronic acid. Mediderma Nanopore microneedling procedure with hyaluronic acid includes a gentle chemical peel and microneedling therapy with hyaluronic acid (substance typically used in filler injections). A gentle chemical peel prepares the skin for the procedure. During microneedling, micro-channels are made into the superficial layer of the skin with fine needles to activate the synthesis of collagen and elastin as well as to apply hyaluronic acid to the selected skin area. The procedure significantly increases the tonicity of the skin and evens out the skin structure and complexion.

Information for chemical peeling

Chemical peeling of the skin is a procedure involving the removal of the lifeless layer of cells which causes superficial dryness and unevenness of the skin. At the same time, the lower layers of the skin and synthesis of collagen are stimulated which ensure the elasticity of the skin. The selection of methods and products used for chemical peeling enable finding the most suitable individual solution, taking into account the actual skin problem, age-related changes in the skin and the sensitivity of the skin to ensure that the procedure is effective but not too traumatic. Depending on the problem and the characteristics of the skin as well as previous care, it is possible to choose between more delicate and stronger procedures. Hence, chemical peeling of the skin is suitable both for a delicate procedure to refresh and rejuvenate the skin and for affecting the skin more thoroughly. Some treatments reduce also inflammation, redness and sebum discharge of the skin.

Chemical peeling is an effective procedure to achieve the following results:

  • improvement of the elasticity of aging skin and tightening of the skin;
  • smoothing scars, wrinkle lines and skin with large pores;
  • moisturising dry and scaling skin;
  • lightening pigment spots and evening out skin colour;
  • cleaning and balancing skin with acne signs or oily skin.

If you have not had a chemical peel before, a previous consultation is necessary. During the consultation, the skin is analysed, questions are asked about your health and an optimal skin care plan and the necessity and length of the pre-procedure preparatory period are determined. It is recommended to have a course of 4–6 chemical peel procedures with 7–14 days between the procedures depending on the strength of the procedure.

Preparation of the skin before a chemical peel: A stronger procedure should be preceded by a preparatory period of at least 2 weeks during which the skin is prepared with creams containing acids or retinol. The person who performs the procedure advises you on the best product choice.

Recovery of the skin after a chemical peel: The skin can be swollen and red on the day after the procedure, thereafter the skin might become dry and start scaling (this might last for 3–4 days). This is why the skin must be effectively moisturised and calmed down with special care products. The person who performs the procedure advises you on the best product choice.

For about 5 days after the procedure, you should not go to a sauna or a pool or do intensive physical training (to avoid blisters which develop due to sweating), perform depilation or undergo other strong cosmetic procedures, use active cosmetic products or remove the scaling of the skin mechanically. Sunbathing and using tanning devices must be avoided for 2 weeks.

The procedures are performed by cosmetician Kris Kukk.