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Biorevitalization is a popular and safe method to improve and preserve the elasticity and tonicity of the skin. The procedure is suitable for restoring the balance of skin hydration damaged by dry air or the sun, revitalizing tired and lifeless complexion, smoothing out wrinkles surrounding the eyes and lips, softening fine wrinkles of décolleté, hands, elbows or knees. The products used for biorevitalization (Juvéderm Hydrate, Belotero Hydro) contain hyaluronic acid common to human skin.

One biorevitalization treatment course is usually comprised of 3–4 procedures but the result will be visible already after the first procedure. First time clients are recommended to have a course of 3 procedures repeated after 3 weeks to achieve the best result. This way the skin remains sufficiently moisturised for up to 3 months and, in the future, the procedures may be repeated every 3 months. If you plan on going on a beach holiday, we recommend taking 2 procedures before and 2 procedures after the trip.

Biorevitalization injections are almost painless. After the procedure, small papules may develop on the skin which disappear within a few days. As a rule, the final result of the procedure will be visible in a week.

After the procedure, applying make-up (24 hours), going to a sauna, sunbathing and using tanning devices (3 days) should be avoided.

The procedures are performed by nurse Marina Sats.