Bioremodelling is a new skin-quality improving procedure that gives your skin a visible moisture and radiance. In today’s beauty treatment, not only smoothing out fine wrinkles and restoring volume, but also improving the texture of the skin is a priority. This way, the end result is the most natural and long-lasting.

A new and unique BioNutriLift procedure is available at the Nine Skin Clinic, based on a protocol developed by Fillmed.

We perform the procedure with two excellent products:

  • NCTF 135HA is a polyurethane revitalising solution rich in amino acids, vitamins, coenzymes, antioxidants and minerals essential for skin renewal. NCTF 135HA provides the skin with substances that stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin, thereby significantly improving the quality of the skin by smoothing it and evening out the skin tone.
  • Art Filler Hyaluronic Acid fillers to smooth surface wrinkles and give an instant hydrated and lifting effect.

BioNutriLift is unique in that during the procedure we deeply moisturize the skin and deliver nutrients to the necessary skin layers to stimulate skin regeneration.

The procedure is indicated for all people in any age group who wish to.

  • improve the quality of facial skin
  • a more youthful and fresh look
  • light “lifting” effect

The procedure begins with a consultation with a dermatologist, during which we will identify the exact areas of concern – whether it’s a slightly sunken cheekbones, a chin line that has changed with age or simply a sagging face.

  • The duration of the procedure is approximately 1h.
  • Swelling and redness may occur after the procedure, but will subside within 24 hours.

A definitive change in skin quality will occur within 2 months, but a lifting effect can be seen immediately after the procedure. For the most lasting results, we recommend combining bioremodelling with mesotherapy.