Aesthetic minor surgery

We perform surgical removal of moles, skin tumours and subcutaneous tumours (lipomas, atheromas) for aesthetic purposes.

We treat viral skin diseases (papillomas, condylomas, viral warts) and haemangiomas by electrosurgery, laser or cryotherapy. In the case of skin overcounting, we use skin curettage, dermabrasion and electrosurgery.

The exact methodology for the removal of different skin and subcutaneous tissue tumours depends on the type of tumour, its size and the area of the body where it is located. As a rule, the removed tissue is sent to the laboratory for examination to confirm the previous diagnosis – whether it was benign or malignant.

Outpatient minor surgery procedures are performed under local anaesthesia. The procedure usually lasts less than 1 hour and is not painful (only the anaesthetic injection causes some pain). Sutures are placed over the wound and you will need to return to the clinic in 1-2 weeks to have them removed, depending on the location and size of the wound.

Outpatient minor surgery is performed by general surgeon Dr Marianne Niin, head and neck surgeon Dr Indrek Mikomägi and Dr Ulvi Loite.

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