Radiodiagnostics for skin diseases and moles

We have created two innovative services for you at Niine Skin Clinic.

If you’ve found a worrying birthmark on your skin, or if you’ve developed some other worrying skin problem, but the queues to the dermatologist are too long, these two services can help you get help faster.


We’ve created this service specifically to provide you with an immediate, fast solution if you’ve discovered a single suspicious birthmark on your skin. Up to three worrying birthmarks will be photographed at the reception and you’ll get a reply within two working days.

What is rapid dermatoscopy?

Dermatoscopy is a digital and manual epiluminescence microscopy for the diagnosis of skin changes with digital image recording capability.


The aim of the service is to provide patients with a quick diagnosis of skin problems when the queues to the dermatologist are too long and the patient is worried. At the appointment, a thorough history of the skin problem is taken, pictures of the problem are taken, the problem is referred to the doctor and you will receive a response within two working days.

Rapid dermatoscopy and rapid diagnosis of skin diseases are performed by nurses Ave Kikas and Kristina Silla .

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Reception price 65€

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