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Autologous fat transfer (microlipofilling)

Autologous fat injections have been gaining popularity in the recent years both in aesthetic and reconstructive medicine. Fat is a safe, long-lasting and natural filler which is suitable for use in nose and facial contour correction, scar revision, and rejuvenation of the hands and face, especially in the area around the eyes. Microlipofilling is not a suitable procedure for filling fine wrinkles.

Fat is harvested from the previously agreed upon area (usually from an area with excess fat) using special cannulas. Fat is prepared and injected in the desired area in sterile conditions.

It must be taken into account that the volume of the fat transplant increases/decreases concurrently with the changes in body fat contents. Sometimes a repeat procedure is required.

Possible risks during this procedure are a hematoma in the fat harvest area, inflammation of the injection area, changes in the texture of the skin and problems with the so-called survival of the transferred fat.

Operations are performed by plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Mart Eller.